Friday, 14 November 2014

QUESTION: Affordable Camera Suggestions

I want to buy a camera... Nothing too expensive, just something that is affordable AND takes decent pictures.

I'm just really sick of the grainy photos that come off my iPhone & iPad! They look great on the screen, then when I upload them, they look terrible!!! 

I've been looking at getting a Sony Cybershot similar to this.... 

I'd love some suggestions!


Stephanie said...


This is such a broad topic.. I have a DSLR plus a compact camera with interchangeable lenses (Sony Nex 6). I mainly use the DSLR for taking photos of my makes as I can put it on a tripod and have a remote for it. I could do this with my other camera, but I have all the stuff for my big camera..It is also good as it has a screen I can flip out and actually see myself whilst taking photos - Nikon D5200.

If someone else is taking your photo, no probs. I took a similar camera around Europe a few years back and got some great shots.

Get onto google and see what else is available for your budget.. Ebay has some great buys as well (this is where I got my DSLR from). I do photography as well hence these type of cameras..


scary bobbins said...

Hi Stephanie! I have been looking a little more into it... I might try and get a secondhand DSLR off eBay. I will def look up the ones you suggested!! Thanks for the comment :-)

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