Thursday, 20 November 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans

This pattern was in the Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 and the designer of the pattern is by Titchy Threads.

You can also buy the pattern direct from the Titchy Threads website.

As usual, I buy the parcel and don't get around to making anything until months later - partly, I think, because PPP are located in the US and the seasons are the opposite time of year to what we get here in Australia, so some of the patterns aren't appropriate for me to make straight away.

This project was a bit scary for me because, well.....JEANS..... Hand made jeans! Eeeek.

The pattern  got printed and cut, then sat on my 'to do' pile for a couple of months. I actually cut the denim too....and then it sat....and sat.... Until I realised my son had grown too tall for his current jeans! So, I thought I better get to it, especially seeing as I'd cut the fabric too!

I cut the pattern a size 8 for my son, allowing for growing room. He's very tall for his age (he's almost 6).

You have the option to make the jeans with a half fly, or a full fly. I originally wanted to make them with the half fly because it didn't require attaching a zipper (I hadn't ever attached one before). I ended up telling myself to "man up" and give the zipper version a go.
I didn't have a zipper in my sewing stash, so I grabbed my old pal, the seam ripper, and I removed a zipper from a pair of my husbands old jeans.

I also chose to make the top stitching version and I used a rust colour thread to contrast against the dark blue denim. I wanted to give them a 'professional shop bought jeans' look.

I really enjoyed doing the top stitching, I love the effect it gave and I think I did a pretty ok job at it too.

I fumbled a bit with the instructions, especially with the sections around the fly area.... But I got there in the end! I was pretty stoked at how I went attaching the zipper too. Beginners luck, maybe?!

Once the fly was attached, it was just a matter of sewing the legs together, then putting the waistband together.

For the lining inside the waistband and pockets, I chose a pale blue cotton fabric. I really wanted them to look like 'real' jeans.

Along with the waistband, I had to make and attach belt loops.

I did think, halfway through, that I'd bitten off more than I could chew with these jeans. But I stuck it out and pulled it all together.

I possibly could have altered the pattern to be smaller in the butt area and longer in the legs, but I just went with the standard size 8 on the pattern. 
I love that the waistband has button hole elastic in it, which allows the jeans to fit my son, without falling off his bum all the time (this is what shop jeans do to him). And honestly, I hate wearing a belt, I'm sure my active 5yo will too! 
So, finally, jeans that fit my boy and don't give him a plumbers crack.,,, that's a win in my book!! 

The top stitching on the back pockets got a little wonky in places, but from afar you can't tell.

They look pretty great I think!!

It makes me super happy to know that "I made his jeans". Very satisfying!



Laura said...

I'm so pleased you persevered with these, they look fantastic. You can't beat them in dark blue denim.

scary bobbins said...

Thanks Laura! :-D

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