Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Advertising Experiment

You may have noticed some changes here on the blog, in the form of advertisements. I do not have a lot of traffic to my site, however, it is more of a personal experiment that I am conducting.

For sometime now, I have been battling with getting approved by Google AdSense. Because I used to have an old Wordpress blog that had all my recipes on it, that was the one and only site that AdSense would allow me to use. Seeing as I started up my new blog here, I wasn't able to get ads on this page by Google. Considering that my old bog was never even actually approved to have ads, it was 'under review for a year. So it was a little annoying that I couldn't just transfer the application to my new blog….I tried and I gave up….ugh...

After a little research, I came across Qadabra and decided to give it a shot. I applied for an invitation on Sunday and was accepted on Tuesday, so there wasn't the ridiculous waiting time like I experienced with AdSense.

I simply confirmed my email and started implementing ads right away….no waiting for approvals, I used the HTML/Java gadget in the Blogger 'Layout' section and they published immediately.  Fast and easy! I struggle trying to implement anything into the 'Template' in amongst all the code…. I haven't worked out all that stuff yet!
So, within 15 minutes I had ads up an running. Can't believe I wasted so much time and energy battling with Google AdSense!!! GAH!

You simply tell Qadabra what kind of page you are - blog, DIY, health, personal interest etc. and they create ad placements suited your particular site. Just as their catch phrase suggests, it really was 'Magically simple'!

Anyway. My reasoning for doing this, you ask? You may already know, but I am a stay at home mum. I homeschool my kids and I sell some of the handmade dolls that I make on Etsy here (I'll make a separate post for that sometime soon).
One of my children is Autistic and I'm unable to work because I am a full time carer. I am doing what anyone else in my situation would do - try and generate some kind of income from home! It might not be a lot, but every cent counts, right?!

So, yes. I have ads on my blog. Some will hate it, others will understand. I will continue to post once a week for now, wether it be some of my healthy recipes or things that I've made. I've got no idea if I'll even earn anything at all from this blog, but I'm giving it a shot! I'll let you know how its going in a few months time.


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