Sunday, 21 December 2014

Scary Bobbins - Funky, Modern and Quirky Dolls

I have a new venture that I've been working on and I'm excited to share it with you!

My obsession with sewing has led me down the sweet garden path of doll making. Soft rag dolls, actually. Awesome modern ones.

It all started when I made a doll for my daughter, out of scraps. You can find the post for that doll here.
And its safe to say, I think my technique has improved since then ;-) Practice makes perfect, right?!

As a little girl, myself, I loved dolls. I had so many of them and they were my favourite things to play with. I have fond memories of playing with them and mothering them. I had quite the imagination then and I still do now.
These days, I am blessed to be able to watch my own daughter playing and using her imagination, just like I used to.`

Making dolls, creating them from nothing, bringing them to life and giving them their own little personalities brings me so much joy! It makes me so happy that other little girls all around Australia (not internationally - yet) are able to have these fun dolls in their lives.

This has been very therapeutic for me and has filled a hole somewhere inside me - maybe my inner child has pushed me in this direction ;-)

I've recently hand drafted my own original pattern and made a couple of dolls from it. I'm really, really happy at how the finished product has turned out.

My dolls are made using high quality fabrics that are fun, modern and a little quirky. Their sweet faces are hand embroidered. Most importantly though, they are handmade with love and care!

This is 'Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn'. She is a one of a kind made using my original pattern.  She is the first item in my Boutique Range. 


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