Thursday, 16 October 2014


I have a rotated pelvis. It has caused me a great deal of pain for about 8 years now. I don't even want to know how much I've spent on's a lot, I'm sure.

I have seen more chiropractors than I can poke a stick at. They have given me little to no relief and certainly nothing has worked long term. They spend 5 minutes doing a bit of cracking and clicking and fluffing around. They gave me a pelvis/hip stabilising brace to wear and tell me to come back twice a week for a month, then once weekly for  another month or so, then fortnightly.....and so on!  But they never actually really do much to help me... They do too much talking and not enough fixing!

I've also tried physiotherapy, which also didn't really help me. They made me very, very sore with all the hardcore manipulation of extremely tender muscles.

Given the fact that treatment costs so much and does very little, I have been putting off seeing anyone.
After moving house (packing, cleaning, gardening, moving, lifting, unpacking, rearranging etc), my back has pretty much said 'I've had enough!' and I found myself bedridden for 4 days recently. I couldn't even stand, it was very painful and it felt like there was a nerve being pinched which gave me shooting pain throughout my entire body, I liken it to what I imagine a massive electric shock would feel like.

I needed to see someone and I felt that enough was enough and I refused to pay a chiro or physio anymore....

I love alternative therapies and remedies, so I looked up Myotherapy.... I actually thought it was a type of massage and thought 'yessss, I can handle that' ;-)
I called the practitioner and told him about my pelvis and he was confident he could help me and booked me in for that afternoon.

I took my X-rays in with me, but he didn't even need to look at them. He had a feel of the muscles in my lower back and said he'd do some dry needling and cupping on me to loosen the muscles. He told me that because the muscles were so tense and spasming, they were pulling forward causing the pelvic rotation and pain I was experiencing.

I lay face down on the bed. It was one of those massage table types, with the hole for your face to rest in. The therapist started with a very quick massage to find the problem areas, then he started the dry needling.

Dry needling, from what I understand, is different slightly to acupuncture. With acupuncture, the needles are left in for a time, where with dry needling, they are tapped into the muscle to release the tension, and then removed immediately.

He used about 50 needles over my lower and middle back, as well as my thighs. Only about 4 of them actually hurt (more of a sting). They must have been in quite tender/sore muscles.

After the dry needling, he did some cupping on my back, which also draws tension from out of the muscle, covered me up and left me to relax for about 10-15 minutes.

While I was supposed to be resting, honestly, I was hoping that the treatment wasn't going to just be another expensive waste of time.

When the myotherapist came back in to remove the cups from my back,  I asked him when I'd need to come back.....because that's the way I've been dealt with everywhere else.
He told me I should come back in a week for another treatment, but I probably won't need to come back again after that!!!
I was sounded too good to be true! Surely not? Really?!

After the hour (yes, an HOUR! Not 5-10 minutes like a chiro) was up and my treatment was finished, I was being super careful as I didn't want to drop to the ground in pain like I was doing beforehand. The therapist told me to move around, bend over, touch my toes if I want to. I was scared! But I did it....even though I was worried I'd still be in pain.

I paid the $80 for the hour appointment and went home.

I was told to have a really hot shower when I got home, so I made sure that I did that. I was in a bit of pain that evening, but more of a dull ache all over rather than short sharp pain like before.

The next morning, my back felt great! I could walk and bend over etc with no problems at all! Still sceptical, I was waiting for the pain to come back, but nope!!! It's been 12 days since my first appointment and I still haven't been back for the second treatment yet.....but I will!

AMAZING. I have been recommending Myotherapy to everyone! I'm amazed, simply amazed. What a life changer! I feel great :-D

*** The cupping left some bruising on my back, but this is normal ***


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