Friday, 31 October 2014

Handmade Scrap Doll (Lalaloopsy Style)

This doll was made entirely of things I had around the house. To be honest, I'm a bit proud of how she turned out!

I made her legs out of some left over fabric scraps. Her head, body and arms were made from an old white, long sleeved top of mine that was too small.  I cut the arms off my top and with a grey lead pencil, drew a rough outline of the shapes I needed for the body parts.

I stuffed the inside of the doll with the filling from a cushion that I never got around to making a cover for, oops! Now I guess I need to make more dolls to make use of the half cut open cushion ;-)

I pulled a single thread (out of 3) from a ball of black wool, to stitch her button eyes on, as well as her eyelashes and mouth. I gave her a Lalaloopsy style face. It was so easy to re-create!

I cut the pink circles for her cheeks from an old pillowcase. I just used white cotton thread to stitch on her rosy pink cheeks, in a rustic, scrap doll kind of way!

I put an icy pole stick inside her head/neck, to keep her head upright, seeing that she is a little top heavy! Then I hand stitched her head to her neck for more support.

Her arms and legs were all hand stitched to her body.

I cut lengths of black wool to create her hair and then sewed it down the middle to create a 'part' for her. I used some PVA glue to hold it all down on her head. I then plaited her pig-tails when the glue was dry.

Her outfit was created with no pattern either. I cut up one of my husbands old cotton work shirts for the black bodice and I used some white tulle left over from our wedding for the tutu skirt. I also cut out a heart from the same pillow case that I used for her pink cheeks.

I made the dress with a closure at the back and used stick on velcro. I ran the overlocker around the edges of the black dress neckline for a little bit of detail.

My daughter absolutely LOVES this doll. She named it 'Marcelene' because she thinks it looks like Marcelene from Adventure Time. 


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